REHAU Energy Efficient uPVC Window Frames
Manufactured with precision engineering for over 50 years

REHAU in our experience is simply not a choice - but rather a requirement when selecting Energy Efficient Window Frames.

With unrivalled quality, cutting edge technology and attention to detail, REHAU Window Frames far exceed the current energy efficiency requirements. As well as being the experienced installers first choice.

We offer 4 different high performance REHAU Window Frame products. 60mm "Tritec" and both 70mm Chamfered "TOTAL70c" and Sculptured "TOTAL70s" together with our own Getty Glass exclusive "EXTREME HD" product.


Energy Efficient Glazing and uPVC Window Frames
Increase energy efficiency and reduce rising home energy bills

The glazing specification incorporated within the window frame has a substantial impact on the overall energy performance of your window. Various Low Emissity coatings, cavity size and fill substances together with spacer bar technology have all been designed to enhance energy efficiency.

Window Energy Ratings (WER's) were introduced to provide consumers with a clear and simple comparison between the various window products available.

Complicated scientific calculations regarding U-Values, Solar Gain and Air Infiltration simplified into easy to follow energy performance bands :
A+  A  B  C  D  E



High Security uPVC Window Frames
Secure by Design specification is available accross the REHAU range offering the highest level of security endorsed by the UK Police Authorities.


Colour Options for uPVC Window Frames
REHAU offer an extensive colour range with standard stock colours including White, Whitegrain, Mahogany, Oak, Rosewood, Black, Anthracite Grey, Chartwell Green and Cream.
With the additional REHAU ACRYL II range offering over 150 more colour options.


Style Options for uPVC Window Frames
Virtually any design of Window can be created using the REHAU range. Whether you are looking for that traditional style or the more modern contemporary look we can provide ideal window designs using Casement, Tilt&Turn and French style windows. Or something a bit more special from the Specials Shaped range - Gothic, Portholes or Curved.