Trustmark Government Endorsed Standards

Finding Tradesmen you can Trust

Trustmark is the Government backed initiative to help consumers find reliable and trustworthy local tradesmen to carry out repairs, inside and outside the home. It is widely supported by consumer protection organisations, local Trading Standards and the building industry.

Benefits of using a Trustmark Member

Every firm's technical skills have been independently checked through on-site inspections
Firms work to Government Endorsed Standards
Quality of work, trading practices and customer satisfaction is monitored
Checks on trading records and firm's financial status and stability

Getty Glass is proud to have been issued a Trustmark Government Endorsed Licence

Our technical competence, trading record and creditworthiness has been assessed and approved
We operate an appropriate Code of Practice
We carry proper Commercial Insurance
We operate good Health and Safety practices
Our quality of work, trading practices and customer satisfaction are check and monitored
We ensure compliance to Building Regulations