Leaky old gutters and roof linings, do worse than make your home look bad.
They let unseen rot eat away at the structure of your roof. Before you know it... the damage can prove extensive - and expensive.

With new uPVC Roofline products, you avoid forever the need to paint or repair those features on the outside of your home. At the same time, it prevents costly damage by keeping water away from roof timbers and other parts of your home's structure. You never have to worry about maintenance... not just on gutters, drainpipes and wall cladding... but on those other hard-to-reach parts around your roof like fascias, soffits and bargeboards.
uPVC Roofline is so easy to look after, it just wipes clean with a cloth. It never warps, cracks, peels, flakes or rots. Even in exposed locations, it keeps your home looking beautiful for years.