The Glass and Glazing Federation is the government
recognised leading authority in the industry.

Member companies range from large national market leaders to smaller local concerns, such as Getty Glass, but we are all united in providing you with the highest standards of product and service through the GGF Customer Charter offering our unique Five Star Service.

Dealing with a Membership Company assures high professional standards

All companies who apply for membership of the GGF are subjected to careful vetting and must have satisfied the GGF of their intention and ability to abide by the Rules of the Federation and supply products that comply with the latest technical requirements.

The GGF constantly monitors the performance of member companies, ensuring that the standard of the product and the installation achieved, remains consistently high.

The GGF can offer customers advice and guidance on any queries you may have.

Member guarantees provide you with long term peace of mind, but are seldom called upon because ‘Right First Time’ is the level of achievement expected. If you do have a legitimate complaint against a member company, the GGF offer the use of their Free Conciliation Service in an attempt to reach a mutually satisfactory solution to any issue which may arise.

The GGF logo on our company’s literature, advertisements and vehicles is a sign of quality and reliability.

Click here to View the GGF Consumer Code of Practice