REHAU uPVC French Casement Doors


Brighten your home - improve your view - join the garden

Manufactured with the highest security and weather resistant specifications the REHAU uPVC French Casement Door System has unrivelled quality. Offering longer lasting performance and higher mechanical strength together with excellent thermal insulation. Eliminating the painting, varnishing, draughts and leaks of older wooden french doors.




Colour Options for uPVC French Casement Doors
REHAU offer an extensive colour range with standard stock colours including White, Woodgrain White, Woodgrain Mahogany, Woodgrain Oak, Woodgrain Rosewood, Woodgrain Black, Woodgrain Anthracite Grey and Woodgrain Cream. With the additional REHAU ACRYL II range offering over 150 more colour options.

High Security uPVC French Casement Doors
Secure by Design specification is available accross the REHAU range offering the highest level of security endorsed by the UK Police Authorities. All our uPVC French Casement Doors feature multi-point locking systems, secured to fully reinforced frames incorporating Solid Centre Latches, Deadbolts, Multiple Roller Cams, Secure 3D Flag Hinges and Shootbolts to both the top and bottom of each Door Sash. With optional Claw Bolts, Hook Locks and Anti-Snap Key Cylinders for extra reassurance.
There are also a number of Security Glazing specifications to consider.

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Threshold Options fo uPVC French Casement Doors

REHAU offer a range of various threshold options, ensuring that the most suitable threshold can be specifically selected.