Energy Efficient Double Glazing

Offering the
optimum in double glazed thermal efficiency producing a U-Value of 1.2 W/m2 - "Vistatherm Elite"

Combining an outer pane of Pilkington OptiFloat with an inner pane of Pilkington KS (Soft Coat Low-e) together with ThermoBar warm edge spacer bar and Argon Gas fill. The
Low Emissivity (Low-e) pane reflects back internal heat attempting to leave the room retaining a higher temperature within your home.

Introducing a solar neutral pane such as Pilkington OptiWhite which has a reduced iron content
(Low-i), means a greater proportion of free energy transmits into your home compared to standard float glass. This is known as Solar Gain and qualifies your overall window product to become "A-Rated".


Energy Efficient Triple Glazing

Offering the optimum in triple glazed thermal efficiency producing a U-Value of 0.6 W/m2 - "Vistatherm Elite SE"

24mm, 28mm and 36mm Vistatherm Elite SE are Triple Glazed products, achieving only the U-Value 0.7 W/m2 with the use of expensive Krypton Gas.

Vistatherm Elite SE at the 42mm setting allows the reduction of the gas specification to Argon, achieving the better U-Value 0.6 W/m2.
However this unit thickness requires an adapted glazing bead for the uPVC window frame.


Building Regulation Compliance

Aiming to improve the thermal efficiency of all buildings, the Northern Ireland Building Regulations (Part F,2006), set out new mandatory requirements for the compulsory implementation of Low Emissivity Glass (Low E) within both New and Replacement Windows.