Conservatories provide a wonderful extension to a home and become an invaluable space to be enjoyed by all. However a Conservatory that has not been well maintained may begin to look a little tired and become uncomfortable over time. Many Conservatories have been neglected from the day they were erected and many have proven to have been poorly constructed in the first place.

The roof is the most important structural element of a conservatory, providing strength, stability and ventilation. Roofs are also the part that endures the most punishment from the elements, therefore in some cases it may be prudent to replace the whole conservatory roof, as doing so may eliminate other problems inherant in older, inferior products.

Replacement roofs are made to fit the existing frames and walls, so they are quick to fit and there is no need for the additional cost and inconvenience of replacement wall frames and building work. Replacing a roof also provides an opportunity to change the style of roof, which could add a totally new look to your conservatory.